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  • Code Ethics

    The Cantv’s business conduct code is setting forth those standards to be followed by all its officers, including its Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Accounting Officer, and all of its employees when performing their work-related activities. Policies on such matters do not only benefit company shareholders, they also benefit the company employees, the community, and the organization as a whole.

    The Business Conduct Code addresses, among other things, the following items:

    • Honest and ethical conduct, including the ethical handling of actual or apparent conflicts of interest between personal and professional relationships, including suppliers

    • Full, fair, accurate, timely and understandable disclosure in reports and documents the Company makes public

    • Compliance with applicable governmental laws, rules and regulations

    • The prompt internal reporting to an appropriate person or persons identified in the Code of violations of any of the provisions described above, and

    • Accountability for adherence to the Business Conduct Code

    CANTV undertakes to provide a copy of its Business Conduct Code at no charge to electronic mail requests at the following e-mail address: etica@cantv.com.ve

    The Company created the Compliance Office to be in charge of overseeing compliance with the Business Conduct Code by each manager and employee of the organization, as well as by third parties.  This Code facilitates the constant exercise of the best ethical practices in complying with work requirements and the relations that a company in general has with the society in which it operates.

    In addition, the Compliance Office is responsible for assisting both the units and the employees who may have doubts as to the interpretation of the Code, to take notice of any violations of the established norms and to suggest appropriate action via a dedicated phone number and e-mail address created for this purpose.

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