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  • 1.- Where is CANTV traded and what is the ticker symbol?
    2.- What is the ratio of CANTV’s ADRs to ordinary shares?
    3.- How many shares does CANTV have outstanding?
    4.- What is the difference among class A, B, C and D shares?
    5.- How can I buy CANTV shares?
    6.- What are CANTV’s guidelines for the payment of dividends?
    7.- When was CANTV’s initial public offering and what was the opening price?
    8.- Who are the main shareholders of CANTV?
    9.- What is CANTV’s ownership structure?
    10.- Does CANTV have an employee stock ownership plan? How about stock options?
    11.- Does CANTV have a share buyback program in place?
    12.- What is the depositary bank for Cantv’s ADRs program?
    13.- What is the custodian bank for Cantv’s shares traded in Venezuela?
    14.- What are CANTV’s corporate governance policies?
    15.- How can I contact the Investor Relations team?

    Corporate Profile and Operations

    1.- When and where was CANTV founded?
    2.- Where are your corporate headquarters?
    3.- How many employees does CANTV have in Venezuela?
    4.- What are CANTV’s core businesses? How are they structured?
    5.- What wireless technology does CANTV use?
    6.- Which of the services provided by CANTV are regulated? Is this expected to change?
    7.- How are tariffs adjustments established according to the existing regulatory framework?
    8.- What are the Company´s social responsibilites towards the community in Venezuela

    Financial Information

    1.- What financial reports does CANTV file? Does CANTV file any reports with the SEC?
    2.- How can I get financial information about CANTV, such as the annual and quarterly reports?
    3.- What is CANTV’s accounting currency?
    4.- What accounting firm audits CANTV’s financial statements?
    5.- What is CANTV’s current debt rating?
    6.- Who are the research analysts that provide coverage on CANTV?  


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